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Metal Building Layout and Design


Kessler Hines Design provides metal building layout and planning services for both local customers in Ohio and on a national level. Kessler Hines Design is located in Troy, Ohio which is conveniently situated north of the Dayton, Ohio airport. On top of metal building layout and design services, Kessler Hines Design also offers a variety of industrial and commercial construction services.

Metal buildings can be used for a wide selection of commercial and industrial building needs. Metal building layout and planning is an essential part of making sure that your metal building suits your specific needs and that it withstands the test of time. Metal building layout and planning can assist in helping you decide where rooms are going to be situated in the building, where machinery or equipment will need to go and where entrances and exits need to go to name a few. Other considerations that need to be made when considering metal building layouts and planning, includes:

• Where your metal building is going to be put (type of land, etc.) • What type of metal building will suit your business or personal needs  • Additional components that need to be included (heating, air, electricity, lighting etc.)• Adhering to local building codes

Designing the layout of your metal building and making plans ahead of time will ensure that your metal building will meet your project requirements and that the manufacturing process flows smoothly. Metal buildings are used for a variety of building types these days and they aren’t limited to barn style buildings, hangers or carports like they used to be. Give Kessler Hines Design a call today for all of your metal building needs, including layout and planning.

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