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Coordination Drawings in Dayton


Kessler Hines Design provides coordination drawing services for industrial and commercial projects. Our company is based out of Troy, Ohio which is just north of the Dayton, Ohio metro area and we provide our services locally and on a national level. Kessler Hines Design has over 25 years in the construction industry and that experience allows us to accurately and efficiently provide clients with coordination drawings 


During the construction process, your contractors, sub-contractors and other workers need to be able to avoid conflicts between building systems and components. If those working on your building project don’t know where the other contractors and sub-contractors are installing materials or components, it leaves a great deal of room for mistakes to occur. Coordination drawings show the vertical and horizontal layout details of the work that is to be performed in order to avoid conflict. 

Coordination drawings are made by a skilled and experienced AutoCAD drafter. While what’s included in a coordination drawing will vary from project to project, a few of the common areas of building design included in a coordination drawing may include:

• Plumbing• HVAC• Electrical systems• Lighting systems• Ceilings• Partitions


No matter how small or large your construction project is, every contractor and sub-contractor needs an accurate map of where all systems are going to be located. Coordination drawings are an accurate representation of where main building components are going to be located and how they are going to intersect. Without coordination drawings, it’d take a longer period of time to make sure that each contractor or sub-contractor isn’t installing materials or systems where other contractors or sub-contractors need to install their materials or systems. 

Since coordination drawings provide an accurate vertical and horizontal overlay of where materials and systems are going to be installed in a building, it saves time, it prevents mistakes from happening and it saves money. For more information about the coordination drawing services offered by Kessler Hines Design, contact us today so that we can assist you.

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