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Budget Cost Analysis

Developing an accurate construction budget is a critical step in any project. Many factors need to be considered to make sure your total number is all-inclusive. An accurate budget cost analysis will give you a clear picture of how much your project is going to cost; and will provide you the tools you need to manage the cost of your project during construction.

While a budget-cost analysis can be performed during any stage of your project, it’s best to have one done during the design. This will give you the opportunity to make material and labor related decisions prior any construction commitments. 


A budget-cost analysis will also save time on your project. Since pricing for materials and labor are worked out prior to your project beginning, you can spend more time focusing on the project and less time being concerned with the budget. 


To get started on your project’s budget-cost analysis, contact Kessler Hines Design today. Kessler Hines Design is located in Troy, Ohio and we provide our services at both the local and national level.

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